Let’s have a glance over various aspects of teeth whitening!

Tooth whitening is considered the most preferred cosmetic dental procedure for whitening the teeth’s. This procedure involves bleaching of teeth’s that helps in removing the stains which has been accumulated over a period of time.

Causes of stains:

There are various factors that lead to discoloration of teeth’s but the major factor of it is due to frequent consumption of food and beverages like berries, coffee, tea, soda etc. Sometimes antibiotics are also the cause of staining. However, people who smoke a lot they too have yellow stains on their teeth’s.

Teeth whitening options: Whether you stay in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens or anywhere in United States there is wide range of whitening options available in the market. One can either perform it in-house or go to a dentist, according to their comfort. Various products that can be used by patient itself or is performed at a dentist office:

Toothpastes: Usually, whitening products have bleaching effects in it but toothpaste do not contain that, rather it has peroxide component that is used to scrub the stains from the teeth.

Whitening strips: It is a form of sticky strip that is applied to the teeth’s for removing stains. Unlike toothpaste, strips contain peroxide compound that removes the stains from the teeth’s. Dentist recommends this to use twice a day in order to have pearly white teeth’s.

Gels: This is the simplest form of whitening. It is applied by a small brush over the teeth. Likewise strips have peroxide component in it, same is there in gels.

Working of whitening products: As discussed above products contain peroxide compounds that help in removing the stains. The oxygen present in it bleaches the enamel of the teeth that helps in restoring the discolored teeth’s. A dentist performing this procedure on the patient would apply the product and use light or laser that would show its effects in approx. 30 minutes.

Cost of the treatment: Depending on the method one has chosen, cost factor varies. Usually, in-house is considered less expensive, as compared to in-office. So, according to one own preferences and budget, one can choose either of the treatment.

Measure to be taken after procedure: Even after the completion of treatment its must to take care of their teeth’s by avoiding food & beverages, smoking, antibiotics etc. This is important to do because results of whitening do not last forever.

Results of treatment: Two different people will have different results of the treatment. This is because color of the teeth varies from one person to another. Thus patient who has yellow color teeth would likely see much greater results of whitening as compared to the patient who has gray teeth’s. Regardless of the whitening, people can also go for Dental Crowns, as well in NYC.


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